Why Choose the Harp for your Ceremony?


March 11, 2022

Here are a few reasons why you should have a harpist for your ceremony! (Aside from the obvious reasons of it being CLASSY AND COOL!)

1. Adds Visual and Musical Elegance

The harp is a stunning and majestic instrument that WOWS any crowd! Not only is the instrument itself elegant and beautiful to look at, but so is the music that you hear flow out. Playing the harp shows beautiful choreography and gives visual interest for your guests to experience and talk about. As another bonus, the harp makes for a beautiful addition to your wedding photos!

2. A Unique Instrument to See and Hear

How often have you seen a harpist playing in real life? The most common answer is…NEVER! Having a harpist for your ceremony is often a very unique experience for your guests to both see and hear. I get comments all the time about how excited people are to see a harpist IN PERSON and not on their TV screen. Or how they can’t wait to tell their friends and family about how they heard their favorite pop song played on one of the most classical instruments! 

3. Creates a Romantic and Classy Soundscape

The harp is notorious for its beautiful and soothing tone, as well as it’s romantic and classy vibe. Hearing the harp covers of popular love songs or your favorite R&B ballad will be dreamy and unforgettable. Hearing the harp music for your ceremony will be part of the memories that will last you a lifetime! 

4. Live Music Offers Options 

When I custom-make your ceremony music arrangements, know that you’ve got options! I can play your favorite part of the song right from the start, I can shorten or lengthen the song to match your processional timing, or I can even turn a more upbeat song into a slower ballad! That’s the beauty of having live music and working with a professional harpist!

5. Harp Music Contrasts Your Reception Music

Harp music perfectly sets the tone for a romantic, classy, and beautiful ceremony. (I may be biased, but come on!) You and your guests will have all the feels after hearing the acoustic version of your favorite love song. You can save the DJ or Live Wedding Band for when you’re ready to…TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?

So what is there not to like about having harp music for your ceremony? (That’s right – nothing!) Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in chatting with me about your wedding!

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