The harp adds a touch of both visual and musical elegance to any event. With over 10 years of event experience, I am confident in providing you with the wedding soundtrack of your dreams!

Although classically trained, I specialize in performing a variety of genres outside the classical/traditional realm including Pop, Disney, Jazz, Folk, Rock and R&B. I can play the harp as a soloist, or in a variety of settings featuring other instruments such as violin, cello, flute, or voice. 

The Wedding Experience


As a professional harpist with a Master’s degree in harp performance and a diverse music library, I pride myself on providing you the wedding soundtrack of your dreams! 

Exceptional Music

I use an online platform to keep all of our forms, payments, and planning easily accessible and organized. I love making this aspect less stressful for you!

Streamlined Booking

I offer my professional expertise in the planning process while meeting the goals, needs, and individuality of my clients. I listen carefully to help bring YOUR vision to life! 

Detailed Coordination

How I Love to Serve My Clients

You’ll fill out the contract and pay the non-refundable retainer through an online platform to keep everything streamlined and organized. Cheers! Our booking is now official! 


We’ll chat on the phone to answer any of your questions and to discuss some of your wedding details and overall vision. I’ll give you the rundown of what you can expect from me as well as how to start planning the custom soundtrack to your wedding day! You’ll receive a proposal with all the details after our phone call. 


Check out my contact page and fill in the form with your info. I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to let you know my availability and to schedule a 30 minute consultation! 


The Process

About 2-3 months prior to your wedding date, we’ll set up a Zoom consultation to narrow down your song selections for the ceremony. It’s basically your own private harp concert! You’ll have the chance to hear samples and talk through any remaining details for your wedding day. 


You and your guests can look forward to the beautiful soundscape that you’ve been desiring for your wedding day! 


Music Samples


Johann Pachelbel



Christina Perri


John Legend


Traditional Hymn


Franz Schubert


Elvis Presley




Leonard Cohen


Ellie Goulding

  • Highly skilled - I have my Master’s degree in harp performance from the University of North Texas, which is one of the top schools for music in the country. 
  • Quality musician - I play professional level harp arrangements with great ease and artistry. You’ll never see me looking stressed or nervous as I play! 
  • Experience - I have over a decade of experience playing harp music for weddings, receptions, private events, proposals, tea parties, open houses, graduation ceremonies, concerts etc. here in the San Antonio area. You can read my reviews here on my site!
  • Equipment - I provide the highest quality equipment for my services to ensure the best performance and sound possible. My harp is a professional model, and is frequently regulated and well maintained with new strings for a beautiful and warm sound. I use a music stand and bench that match my harp, so that visually everything looks clean and coordinated. I use an iPad Pro for my music, for seamless transitions between pieces. You won’t see any sheets of paper flying away in the wind, and won’t find any stacks of music near my feet.
  • Easy to work with - I realize that planning a wedding or event can be time consuming and overwhelming, but I am here to help! I am happy to provide recommendations, or even put your set list completely together, in order to help your planning be more manageable. 

What sets YOU apart from other freelance harpists? 

I charge what my service is worth. My rate is comparable to other harp professionals with the same amount of collegiate training and experience.  

  • Preparation - Harp is one of the most difficult instruments to master, and takes a lot of dedicated time and practice (especially when making arrangements of special requests or learning brand new songs).  
  • Service - I am a highly proficient harpist, and play with finesse and artistry. I am able to comfortably multi-task and improvise, and don’t get caught up in looking at the music on my music stand.
  • Cartage - The loading/unloading of a harp can be physically demanding, but also “wears down” the instrument, affecting the regulation. 
  • Harp maintenance - Harpists get their harps regulated by a professional “harp doctor” at least once a year (sometimes twice!) to ensure that everything is sounding at its best, with all mechanical parts working properly. A basic regulation for one harp costs several hundred dollars…not including additional repairs needed for damage. Imagine what the bill looks like if you own several harps… 
  • Harp strings - These can break unexpectedly and are quite an investment to replace. Depending on the length of the string, replacements can cost anywhere between $6 to $30 EACH…and concert grand harps have 47 strings!

What factors comprise a harp quote? 

The harp that I play on most frequently is an Italian-made Salvi Minerva pedal harp, crafted with ornate carvings on the column. It is a professional model concert grand harp, worth about $35K. This harp has a rich, luscious, and soothing tone. I use my Dusty Strings folk harp for music therapy services or events that have limited spacing for set-up. I even have a Harpsicle special edition lap harp in my collection!

What kind of harp do you use?

I am classically trained musician, but I play a variety of Classical, Traditional, Popular, Disney, and light Jazz music! I pride myself on my extensive repertoire list due to my love of all music genres. My can download my full repertoire list here. The list is not exclusive, and I am constantly updating my selections! I also play therapeutic music for healing and treatment sessions. 

What kind of music do you play? 

I am happy to accommodate special requests as long as the music is available in print, and I am given at least two weeks notice! What song would you like to hear on the harp?


One of the best features of the harp is that it projects well, without being overpowering. I can provide additional amplification if needed, at no additional charge. 


My harp weighs about 100lbs! I move my own instrument, using a custom “harp dolly”. It is not difficult to move short distances, but I sometimes need assistance for rough terrain or going up/down stairs. 

how do you move your harp?

The harp is just as unique an instrument visually, as it is aurally - so please don’t squish me in the corner! I require an area of approximately 5 X 7 feet for the set-up of my harp, bench, music stand, and sound system. If using sound amplification, an outlet located within 15 feet of the harp is necessary.


Yes! But, I require a flat, stable, and dry surface for any outdoor service. There must also be a backup location in the event of inclement weather - outdoor services are "weather permitting", and I will not play if there is risk that my harp could be damaged. Outdoor services will need to be moved inside due to the following conditions: precipitation or the chance of precipitation at/or above 40%, winds at 20+mph, and temperatures below 50°F and above 95°F. Shade must be provided (umbrella, awning, plant etc.) for all outdoor services that are at/or above 80°F. Please note that extreme cold and humidity may interfere with my ability to play, as it affects finger dexterity. 


I do not. In my several years of experience having played for hundreds of weddings, I have found that my attendance is not necessary at the rehearsal. At your ceremony, I am able to perfectly tailor each music selection to fit what is needed, and seamlessly transition into the next piece without hesitation. My only request is that I be seated in a position where I have a clear view of the aisle. 

do you come to the wedding rehearsal?

A signed contract and a $100 non-refundable deposit are required to secure your booking in my calendar. Forms of payment include check/cash, PayPal, or Venmo. The remaining balance is due upon arrival, the day of service. You also have the option of paying the remaining balance prior to the day of service.  


I accept bookings 6-8 months in advance. You should book as far in advance as possible to guarantee my service, especially for events on either Friday or Saturday, or for events during a Holiday Season (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc.). However, last minute bookings are always welcome if I am available! You can check my availability on my calendar page!   


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Frequently Asked Questions

Your investment will vary depending on the venue and location of the harp, the music coverage, and the number of special song requests. Wedding services start at $550 for the ceremony or $750 for the ceremony and cocktail hour combination.  

Your Investment

  • Up to 30 min of Prelude music as guests arrive to venue 
  • Processional music of the family & wedding party 
  • Processional music of the grand entrance
  • Optional Interlude music for ceremony traditions (vows, ring exchange, candle lighting etc.) 
  • Recessional music of bride(s) & groom(s), wedding party, and family
  • Up to 10 min of Postlude music as guests depart
  • Up to 3 NEW song requests
  • Set up & tear down 
  • Amplification of harp
  • All equipment - pedal harp, music stand, bench, iPad, speaker
  • Mileage & travel time within a 30 mile radius of Stone Oak

I can also provide music for your cocktail hour! I offer discount/combination pricing for this additional service. 


Faith & Steve, July 2021 

“I searched for quite some time for an instrumentalist for our morning, weekday wedding. So many never responded, others too late for comfort. Sonja replied within 24 hours and we were set up within 48 from then with everything settled. She prepared two songs for us not in her repertoire, and three were included in the price. I found this very generous. She played beautifully. My parents were late arriving and we were about 30 minutes late starting the ceremony. Sonja graciously played the entire extended amount. Since it was a small wedding, most of our guests turned around and watched her like a mini-concert. We received so many compliments about her, people were very impressed to hear David Bowie's "Heroes" on harp! She impressed all and added so much beauty to our ceremony. I wouldn't recommend anyone else for your wedding!”

"Like a Mini-Concert"

Selena & Joe, August 2021

“My now husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Sonja at an open house and instantly fell in love with her work! I had always joked with my husband that he had to cry when I walked down the aisle or else I’d turn around and go again until he did. When we first heard Sonja play, my husband looked at me and said, “if you want me to cry then she has to play while you’re walking down the aisle.” After that, it was a no brainer booking Sonja! Throughout the entire planning process she was attentive, quick to respond, and so open to our special song requests. My only regret was that I couldn’t be in the crowd listening while Sonja played but I sure did my best to listen from my bridal suite!! We cannot thank her enough for making our special day that much more intimate with her beautiful skills!”

"No Brainer Booking Sonja"

Sara & Peter, November 2019

“Sonja was a pleasure to work with! I had multiple comments on how beautifully she played at our wedding. She made the entire process so easy from start to finish. 100% would recommend her for any event, especially your wedding!! Can’t say enough great things about her and her business.”

"100% would recommend"

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